ABOUT MY CHARACTER'S AU (JOJO SPOILERS PART 1-6 ) So basically, its a AU where DIO never died, and Josuke and holly died of the sickness, and Joseph died from blood loss.. part 5 goes down normally, because Jotaro sends a Speedwagon worker to find Giorno. DIO hates Giorno now since he made friends with Polnareff. The main character, Aurora is DIO's child, he was originally abandoning her like the others, but her mom found out about the egypt trip and stuff, due to Jotaro telling her about everything, so DIO's like "uh no" and donuts her mom, and Aurora is pretty much forced into his custody. (even though neither of them really want it.) Pucci decides to wait to reset the universe ( just a plot thing so I can make it take place in present time ) but in 2020 he decides its time to reset it since a spike of stand users is on the rise, and it might mean bad news if he waits. so basically it takes place during part 6. Anyways that was the Mudad AU <3

I hate mirrors's characters

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