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(CREDITS TO THE CLOTHES I USE) Hello, there beautiful person! I am Purple Starley! I mainly make purple characters, because purple is my favorite colour. By the way! If you wonder what "CatyBuny" World is, it's just a world in my fairytales that I've created. Also, do not be afraid if you do not find Lizzy, I am Lizzy it's just that I changed my name to Purple Starley because I was tired of my name -_- I know it sounds weird. Many of my characters is not purple but I'm about to make more purple characters it just takes long time.. (I came up with the idea to only make purple characters so please do not write something like: You're only making purple characters, or smthing like that.) But I do make other colour characters as well. Thank you for taking your time reading this and have a good day/night!

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