🌸 Konnichiwa! I love drawing and creating OCs. I try to make some on VRoid Studio.🌸 ◇OCs in progress/new in making since ~April 14~ Busy; taking a break... also trying to find my artstyle and designing characters' outfits ◇ Character List: ❀World 1: Ayin, Adrian, Crystal, Katriel, Luna, Celesta, Lyla, Maleigh, Marian, Melonie, Nova, Blaze, Raine, Mei, Sakura, Trilium, Phoebe ◈World 2: (Monoto redo in standby, & 2 more after) ᯽World 4,𓆰Yaevelmia: Runari, ◇Misc.: Fantasy Model 1 💠 Thanks for checking out my characters! :D

💠Phoenix✿'s characters

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