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✿ I like to draw and make anime characters, and attempt to make them on VRoid Studio ❀ I hope you like them! 🌸 (These are all my original characters. Ayin is the one I have worked on the most, going from version 1.0 to 1.5.1, 1.5.2 - etc. to 1.9.5. or to whatever it is now. Just so you don't get confused, everyone else went from 1.5 directly to 2.0 but they are not as polished.) (😔 I don't have very good internet or a fast computer, so the saving and uploading process isn't great.) Comments are welcome :D 💠 Thanks for checking out my characters! Character List: Mains: Ayin, Crystal, Katriel, Luna, Celesta, Lyla, Trilium, Maleigh, Marian, Melonie, Nova, Blaze, and Mei. Monoto. Others: Fantasy Model 1. March 9 ~ Coming soon: Sakura

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