hello!! welcome!! (^w^) Daemonium Ængelous Saint-Morningstar & Lunala Skyliæ Princess-Morningstar (or Ængel & Skyæ) are TwistædÆsthetic... hope you dont mind it here... (>w<) Huge edit!!: I got suspended from pixiv so I can’t post or edit there anymore!! :’( Edit: I might kill this concept… ————————— Ængel: ————————— Twistæd Æsthetic: ————————— (Context on Lilith) (warning! you might cringe reading our story... procede with caution... :') ) beyond dimensions universes and multiverses there are existences that are even further beyond comprehension and twisted aesthetic lies in the 4th one... where in this existence the virgin saint mary has lucifer's child 4 years after jesus morningstar: Ængel. as the family grew up together angel had grew colder and more depressed to the point of self harm and jesus at 18 felt sad for him but instead of looking for comfort from their god he looked for it from his wife lilith herodias. the last mark on angels wrist almost killed him to the point of their god feeling bad and forcing down an ageless immortality to him and until before corruption his future soulmate and twin flame while Skyæ being that person was conceived. The only being capable of giving him the true redamancy he needed, at least later… several years later… . . . . . . . . . . . . please dont hate my story >~< (Full version: Here: Plz be nice…
こんにちわ hello everyone. 可愛いVroidで癒し癒されたいね。I want to feel at ease with a cute Vroid. I also want to give you peace of mind. 画像や漫画を作成するてまえ、できる限りキャラをリアルに仕上げておりますが、似てない娘がいても、ご了承ください。 アニメキャラクターについては、ダウンロードはできません。 あくまで閲覧用としてお楽しみください。Anime characters cannot be downloaded for free. Please enjoy watching the action and facial expressions. 公開キャラは少ないですが、使用する際は、各種条件に留意しご利用ください。 Please pay attention to the terms of use when using free characters. コミックについては、できる限りEVAのカラーの規定の範囲内に努めコンテンツを作成しております。Regarding comics, I try to create content within EVA's color regulations as much as possible. 画像及びマンガ展示は、PIXIVにも並行して公開しております、こちらです。↓ Images and manga exhibitions are also available on PIXIV, here.↓ 下ネタはございますが、アダルト画像は行いませんご了承ください。I do not create adult images.露骨さを避け、コミカルな方向にヨセております。コミック中の名称においても一部別称を使用することがありますので、ご了承ください。なお、コンテンツ整理のため、余儀なく削除修正することがあります、ご了承ください。Content may be removed or modified at any time. 貧素とは存じますが、宜しくご愛顧のほどお願いいたします。I think my work is poor. Thank you for your patronage. キャラクター数 30 バリエーション数 72 The number of characters is 30. There are 72 variations. that's all. Thank you.                            by masaya