I'm just here to create my own VRoid avatars for Craftopia. I'm quite new to VRoid and I'm learning. I'm enjoying creating or mixing stuff, making or editing textures and giving other people the opportunity to use my models, so they are not exclusive to myself. I know many people may not have the skills to edit textures and are happy to use other people's models. My skills are surely not on a pro level, but I know a couple of things and can do quite some stuff to MY satisfaction. If YOU like it, I'm glad, that someone else has a little use or joy of my characters. I'm giving all my models for free. Giving me credits is not necessary, but as always highly appreciated, since it takes time to edit textures. In general my models are downloadable, but NOT for commercial use and not for YOUR avatars. You can use them in any other way for everything you wish. My characters here have no names, because it's up to you to find a name that suits your needs. I'm curious about what I will create. And I'm also curious, if you download or change something about my characters, what will become of them. So do not hestitate to drop me a line. I'm looking forward to take a look. =) Have fun! <3 P.S.: All my characters are meant to be played in Craftopia, but sometimes the colors don't work that well, or there are adult settings hindering the usage of said avatars, so some of my models have several variations. I will keep ALL of them online, once they have been liked or downloaded, so you don't need to worry to lose them. =3 I'm just wishing for you to have the same fun with my characters as me.

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