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The folder on booth contains VRM and PMX format files with some images. If you want older version go to my booth profil(it's free). - Vroid Studio : - Dwango UniVRM : - My Twitter : - My Hub Vroid account : - My Booth : Conditions of use : - You have the right to use or modify the files, but I assume no responsibility for loss or damage. - You do not have permission to commercialize it or redistribute it. - Please specify my nickname if you presented it to the public "あかりみち@Akarimichi" Version : 2019.01.22 V1.0 - Character creation 2019.03.06 V1.0.2 - Hair correction 2019.03.08 V1.1 - Body size change - Head size change - Hair change 2019.04.12 V1.2 - Body size change - Head size change - Hair change - Eye change
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