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Preview for a suglumirative item!
Lala Mimi

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A Preview Model for Free The Toes Hacked Item - a fix for Body Suit IMPOSING Sock Geometry onto a character.

BOOTH items on this model

Lala Mimi
3 months ago
Generally l unzipped the .vroidcostumitem file of newly created Sock style, then opened a file with ".transferable" extension inside it. Then inside file if it contains a string: MeshOverrideFlag.N00.Socks l replaced it to (using hexadecimal editor): MeshOverrideFlag.N00.Shoes And replaced ".transferable" file. And it did the trick surprisingly enough. The other thing though: Is more complicated to do. Basically it requires changing one string from Shoe to Top, and that has another string size so numerous (6 or so) size descripting values' replacement is required, or else Vroid Stuidio will say it's a bad item. Don't be afraid, it's absolutely impossible to hide an executable inside a hacked item that will record your passwords or something.
3 months ago
and why don't you tell how that is done? i'm not going anywhere near anything with 'hacked' =w=
7 months ago
definitely will be using the booth item you suggested, thank you!


by touka
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